Many years ago I cross-stitched my way through a chart.  There were four in the set .... they were quite small .... it was a relaxing hobby .... shouldn't take me long ....!  Months later I completed just the one!  I still have the chart for the others somewhere but I'm not planning on searching it out anytime soon!  The finished cross-stitch was duly framed and hung on the wall for a while then put in a cupboard for a few years.  Recently it has been on display in the kitchen with a small collection of framed needlecrafts. The frame I had used was very old .... in fact it was falling apart!  It was green; it had glass in it and it was the right size so it worked for me .... but not for Andy! Framing is one of Andy's many hobbies.

Quite horrible really!  I can see that now!  Today Andy taught me how to make a frame.
First I picked the moulding.  I thought gold, bronze or green would look good then I found a burgundy but I eventually settled on this light wood.  The others were lovely and would have looked great with the cross-stitch but this was my first frame and might not be up to much so I wanted something plain that could go unnoticed!

Apparently the main rule of framing is measure accurately then measure again!  We measured the ducks (20cm x 25cm) so the inside of the frame had to be slightly larger than that.  I needed two pieces with inside measurements of 20.5cm and two at 25.5cm.   These were glued and stapled together to make the frame.

Next we chose a different colour for the mount.  We looked at white, black, greens, browns, grey and red.  The brown complemented the ducks much better than the greens and the others just didn't work.

We had to cut the mountboard to fit then cut a backing board and the glass.  I had intended to use the glass from the original old frame but I hadn't made mine quite big enough (measure accurately then measure again!!) so I had to cut a new piece to fit.

Once everything was cleaned and dust free it was put together and sealed in with tape then a wall hanger tapped into place.

So the mount could have been cut a bit better and one of the corners of the frame could have been straighter but I made it from scratch and it's tons better than that old green thing!
I had a lovely afternoon.

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